L4L – Drama

Drama in L4L

The aim of Literacy for Life is to provide students with a broad understanding of knowledge and skills from different subject areas, but that are transferrable across curriculums and in later life. The competencies within the L4L curriculum underpin this and are designed in a way that allows students to see particular skills are not exclusive to specific subject areas, and knowledge they learn relates to various other elements of their development in school. The skills that can transcend other subjects relate to working in various team-based scenarios, responding to stimuli and generating original ideas.
The more subject-specific skills relate to how performances are shaped and the use of devising and performance techniques.

Content and skills

Within the L4L curriculum, students use skills and techniques to explore historical events and literature from English. This enables them to gain greater understanding of the people behind the events, and the depth of characters and narratives within established stories; both of which develop their sense of empathy and understanding of societies. In terms of shaping and presenting pieces of practical work, students learn about the various ways in which performances can be created and how to use fundamental skills to build performance such as still image and physical theatre, as well as using skills to explore characters and stories, such as hot-seating and thought-tracking.