We have answered some of the most frequently asked questions below.


If you have any more specific questions that are not answered here, please email us: info@scbso.shirelandcat.net


If your child has special educational needs, please send an email to info@scbso.shirelandcat.net with your contact details and a member of staff will get in touch with you directly to discuss your child’s needs.

New vacancies will be posted on our Trust’s careers website.

Students remain on the school site throughout the day. The Academy offers all the facilities that students need so there is no reason for them to leave the site.

Sometimes Sixth Formers might attend a lesson at one of our Trust’s other academies. This is the only reason that Sixth Formers would be allowed off-site. We have plenty of study and social spaces exclusively for Sixth Form that students can use during breaktimes.

Yes, the Academy has a playground next to the dining hall.


We also have a newly built sports block which houses our sports hall, activity studio, changing facilities and outdoor multi-use games area (MUGA), which students have use of.


Yes. We are aware that not every child has had the opportunity to learn an instrument or have singing lessons, but it is important that they have a passion for music. While the Academy provides a broad education in line with the national curriculum, students are expected to engage in a variety of musical activities both inside and outside of the classroom.

Local authorities process late applications in line with admissions criteria.

Please contact your local authority to apply.

Curriculum and music teaching

Students at Shireland CBSO Academy study the full national curriculum, including English, maths and science.

We run the highly successful Literacy for Life Key Stage 3 curriculum programme that has been developed over the last 15 years at Shireland Collegiate Academy, the founding school of Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust.

Students who have followed the Literacy for Life programme have shown excellent results at GCSE and A-Level over a sustained period and have a skill profile which equips them to achieve in their future studies and career.

It has been nationally recognised that most students who come into secondary education experience a drop in their progress; starting a new school can be difficult for some students and if they are seeing 14 or 15 teachers it can be hard to settle. By following the Literacy for Life curriculum, students get 17 hours with the same dedicated Literacy for Life teacher in Year 7, 13 hours with the same teacher in Year 8 and 5 hours with the same teacher in Year 9. This means that students have a teacher who gets to know them and their families well, forming a strong partnership which will really help students to progress.

Students take GCSEs in English language, English literature, mathematics, combined science and at least one of the English Baccalaureate (EBacc) subjects – geography, history, a language, triple science or computer science. It is strongly recommended that students take the full suite of EBacc subjects (English, mathematics, science, a language and history or geography) and we also expect that students will study at least one GCSE relating to music.

It is expected at all students attending Shireland CBSO Academy Sixth Form will study at least one Level 3 music qualification and two additional A Level/BTEC courses. We will consider students wishing to study four A Level or equivalent qualifications on a case-by-case basis. In conjunction with other academies in the Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust, Shireland CBSO Academy can offer a wide range of courses for students to choose from to supplement their music education. Find out more about our Sixth Form on our website.

We recognise the rich and diverse nature of our community. There is a place for all students and all genres of music to be represented in our Academy.

Yes, we support students in taking graded examinations in their chosen instrument(s).

Music lessons in a student’s chosen instrument/vocal will be provided free of charge. It is our intention to minimise additional costs to families wherever we can.

We are developing a range of extra-curricular activities around interest-based clubs and sports, as well as all of the musical extra-curricular activities that you would expect such as opportunities to rehearse and perform.


Each of our nodal points has been selected so that the Academy is easily accessible via public transport. Further information about the location of our nodal points and links to travel information can be found on the transport links page.

There is no parking onsite for sixth formers. Students arriving by other means should be dropped off nearby and walk to the school site.