L4L – Art


Art and Design provides a broad and balanced curriculum that is comprehensive and accessible to all pupils. We aim to develop pupils’ understanding and give meaning to the world around us through Art. Art has an impact on everyone and is a valuable subject where pupils are allowed to explore and express their individuality. The curriculum provides substantial skills, linked with cross curricular themes that embed a knowledge rich foundation on which pupils build as they progress. Throughout our curriculum, we aim to provide students with exciting opportunities where students’ perspectives are encouraged to expand through a range of cultural, social, and practical opportunities. We foster a culture of creative thinking and resilience, producing high value outcomes, where students learn how to become successful, persist within their practice and celebrate their progress, in turn offering pupils the chance to overcome challenges that they are likely to encounter in life. 


  • To embed proficiency in drawing, painting, printing, sculpture and other art, craft, and design techniques.
  • To develop a pupil’s critical understanding of great artists, craftspeople, and designers while underpinning this with sound historical and cultural development and knowledge of the art world.
  • For pupils to respond imaginatively to their critical and contextual knowledge, thematic research and use prior learning of skills, techniques, and processes to inspire their artwork. 
  • To understand how to communicate meaningful ideas, analyse their effectiveness, and foster their ability to problem solve and build resilience that will develop their self-expression and realise their intentions.
  • To build on their skills progressively and in complexity over time, allowing pupils to make informed and independent choices about their work.
  • To cultivate an environment of positive learners who enjoy learning, understand how to make progress, engage with purpose, and take pride in celebrating their success.


Techniques and processes are sequenced through KS3 to ensure  skills are built upon scaffolded learning. As KS3 progresses, greater depth of technique and knowledge are implemented and creative thinking and risk taking are introduced and developed to produce confident pupils who are secure within their work. Themed projects with cross curricular links strengthen our processes and embed knowledge through different levels of learning. Emphasis on practical exploration and making are key to our pupil’s success at KS3. We develop their skills from KS2 and provide a foundation on which to build pupils skills and grow their proficiency as they progress through KS3.