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Student’s Poetic Talents Shine at School’s Opening Ceremony

Shireland CBSO Academy was honoured to welcome The Duke of Edinburgh to officiate the formal opening of the school. During the ceremony, year 7 student Nieve Booty delivered a heartfelt recitation of her poem, written specially for the occasion and His Royal Highness. Her heartfelt words left a lasting impression, marking a memorable highlight of the event. 

Tasked with crafting a poem embodying the spirit of the school and the ceremony itself, Nieve’s creative piece beautifully captured the Academy’s essence and what it’s like to study there, earning admiration, laughs and applause from everyone present. 

In a touching conclusion to the ceremony following a reading of her poem, Nieve had the honour of personally presenting a framed copy to The Duke of Edinburgh as a final parting gift from the school in gratitude for his support. 

Reflecting on her experience, Nieve said: “When I was first told about making a poem as a special gift from our school to The Duke of Edinburgh, I was very thrilled to be given this sort of responsibility.” 

“I was nervous, but I knew what I had to do.” Nieve commented, “I felt very exhilarated and happier after I heard the cheers and claps from the audience. When I then presented my work to The Duke, I was relieved he liked it! That day was amazing, I made so many memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Words cannot describe how proud I am to represent my school.” 

Nieve’s talent as a poet extends beyond the school walls, with her works having been featured in multiple publications, for which she has received numerous awards in recognition of her talent. Most notably, she has recently been featured in the ‘Young Writers’ Poetry Idol 2023 – Creative Stars’ anthology.  

Titled ‘Our Royal Opening’, Nieve’s poem stands as a cherished memento of the occasion. A copy is also proudly displayed at the Academy, serving as a reminder of the vibrant culture and spirit of learning, growth and creativity fostered within its corridors. 

David Green, Principal at Shireland CBSO Academy, said: “On behalf of everyone at the Academy, I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Nieve for her wonderful poem, which brought an extra special touch to our school’s opening ceremony. 

“Her words resonated deeply with everyone present, contributing to a truly memorable event for our entire school community. Nieve’s talent shone brightly, serving as a reminder of our students’ potential and the achievements possible here at Shireland CBSO Academy.” 




Our Royal Opening 

Shireland CBSO Academy is the perfect school,  

All the staff and teachers are so cool! 

They all protect us and keep us safe in every way, 

Then teach us interesting subjects every day! 

All different lessons take place on each floor, 

So when the day begins there is so much to explore! 

When it’s our break time the food is so yummy, 

And everyone carries on learning with food in their tummy. 

But the best bit of all is the music part, 

Because in our school music has a big place in our hearts! 

We play all together and create a beautiful sound, 

That puts smiles on faces of all around! 

So we thank you The Duke of Edinburgh for what you have done,  

And we all hope you will come back soon to see what we have become! 

Because no one does music as well as we do, 

As we are proud of our school and we hope you are too! 


Nieve Booty 

Year 7, Shireland CBSO Academy 

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